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Social Media & USPAP Confidentiality Requirement 35

Think It Through Before You Post!

Appraisers are Professionals, Social media is a fact of life. There are many appraisal industry social media outlets for appraisers to connect. These forums provide a great resource for appraisers to seek advice from other appraisers, voice their opinions on industry related issues, and sometimes just to vent a bit after a rough day. This is where we need to be careful….. We have all read comments on social media outlets that you just have to stop and think to yourself, “I can’t believe someone actually posted this”. Confidentiality is a requirement of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice....

Celebrity, Public Trust & Confidentiality - Is Your Facebook Brag Violating USPAP? 8

Is Your Facebook Brag Violating USPAP?

Appraising celebrity homes and naming the names of said celebrities When is it acceptable to tell others about your assignments? Is it okay to tell someone that you just appraised a famous movie star’s home? It is human nature to share the weird, unique and exceptional with others. Recently there was a debate on a social media site about appraising celebrity homes and naming the names of said celebrities. We have all done something similar, sometimes in an open forum, sometimes between close colleagues.  We are all human and it is within our nature to share the oddities and unusual stuff we have the opportunity...

2016-17 USPAP changes 0

USPAP 2016-17 Summary of Changes

2016 – 17 USPAP Updates & Revisions Appraisers, On Feb 6, the Appraisal Standards Board finalized the upcoming changes to the next issue of USPAP. See the PDF for the actual document. The highlights are: Revisions adopted for 2016 – 17 USPAP The following changes were adopted by the Board in a public meeting on February 6, 2015, and will be incorporated in the 2016 – 17 edition of USPAP and associated guidance material with an effective date of January 1, 2016: Revisions to the RECORD KEEPING RULE Revisions to STANDARD 3 Revisions to the Definition of Assignment Results and Confidential Information and...


I Can’t Talk About This Appraisal Even if They Waterboard Me!

Anyone who appraises real property long enough stands a decent chance of being swept up in a divorce. Someone else’s. There you are, minding your own business…opening the snail mail in hopes that your clients have finally sent those checks when… A subpoena pops out accompanied by a check for some chump-change amount. What you discover is a subpoena originating from a law firm you never heard of…about a couple getting divorced whose name is unfamiliar…but the property address looks vaguely familiar. Of course! You appraised this house in 2012…for a refi. But now some strange lawyer wants you to bring this dusty refi report to court with you…next Tuesday! Upon receiving a subpoena the natural first reaction for many...


Appraiser Confidentiality: USPAP Absurdity

Appraiser Confidentiality: Loose Lips, Big Claims, USPAP Absurdity, and Subpoenas Allegedly “Loose Lips” Cause a Big Claim. A recent and relatively big appraiser liability claim involved a commercial appraiser’s alleged breach of confidentiality.  The damages paid to the plaintiff were significant.  According to the plaintiff’s complaint (my recounting of the facts here is simplified), a lender had engaged the appraiser to perform an appraisal for a construction loan to the developer of a shopping center.  Some of the information received by the appraiser included lease commitments from prospective tenants. The anchor tenant was a well-known retailer.  The appraiser completed the assignment, but...

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