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Community Bankers Voice Their Concern About Real Estate Appraisal 16

Bankers Concerned About Appraisals

Community bankers said appraisals are becoming a concern… A survey was distributed by state banking regulatory agencies in April and remained open through July. More than 600 community bankers from across the U.S. lent their voices to this year’s survey, and those views are captured in this volume. Responses are summarized and presented in following five major areas: Local market conditions; regulation and supervision; small business lending; management structure and succession planning; and technology. The responses provide context for the data gathered through the survey and highlight some of the dierent challenges faced by community banks in different states. The...

Social Media Spies & the Appraiser- Guess Who's Watching! 18

Why Not the Appraiser? Guess Who’s Watching!

No Time to Spare & Social Media Spies! Business has been crazy! We are hearing from appraisers how swamped they are; 2-3 week backlogs, working late and report writing at 4:30 AM. We are also hearing how tired and stressed they are. AMC and lender demands, updates, scope creep, and revision requests, are all taking a toll. An appraiser posted on Facebook she “broke down in tears” last Friday because she did not know how it was all going to get done. Life is too short to allow this… Take control of your time and your schedule. Spend some time...

Licensed Residential Appraiser Response to Appraiser Shortage 11

Licensed Residential Appraiser Response to Appraiser Shortage

Licensed Residential Appraiser out of work! I find it hard to believe that there is a shortage of appraisers when I, a Licensed Residential Appraiser, have only completed three (3) appraisal assignments for 2016. I am constantly denied approval by Banks and AMCs. I’ve been denied because I am Licensed. I’ve been denied because I am not Certified. I am not being denied work because I am incompetent or because I have not been USPAP compliant. Certainly not because I have been disciplined. FHA removed Licensed Residential Appraisers. Then Banks and AMCs were eager to follow. I do not see...

Goodbye to AMCs - City pays multi billion settlement 5

Goodbye to AMCs – Citi to Pay $7 Billion

Did Citigroup Get Off Easy With $7 Billion Penalty? Citigroup will pay $7 billion to resolve claims it misled investors who purchased shoddy mortgage-backed securities that helped lead to the financial crisis six years ago, Reuters reported July 14. The deal includes the largest civil fraud penalty ever levied by the U.S. Department of Justice. The multi-billion-dollar settlement is more than twice what many analysts expected but less than the $12 billion the government sought in negotiations with Citigroup. All those who argue about the causes of the real estate crisis cannot discount yet another billion dollar settlement. Over and...

Banks blacklist appraisers 3

Real Estate Appraisers Blacklisted by Banks Fight Back

Banks aren’t playing by the rules PHOENIX (CBS5) – Mortgage lenders and big banks share much of the blame for this country’s housing crash. So you would thing that they have learned their lesson after cheating the system with bad loans and shady business practices. But Jason Barry has uncovered a whole new way banks aren’t playing by the rules. Clay Gregory is a Valley home appraiser who is spending a lot of time at home these day, but it’s not by choice. “I was put in a position where they pretty much demanded information from me or they were threatening...

Occupy Wall Street and the Appraiser 0

Occupy Wall Street and the Appraiser

“All Day…All Week…Occupy Wall Street” I only pay enough attention to the news to know that there are a whole lot of angry people on Wall Street (and scattered across the country) right now. “All Day…All Week…Occupy Wall Street,” is their chant. Okay, so it doesn’t technically rhyme, but I think we get the point. Or do we? Come to think of it…I am not really sure what their point is. Oh, I know they are upset at the “Big Banks”, but beyond that; Does anyone really know what is making them so angry…or more importantly, what they want to be changed? If anyone has...

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