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ChatGPT Appraisal Error Sparks Ethics Debate 40

ChatGPT Appraisal Error Sparks Ethics Debate

A recent post by an appraiser trainee on an online forum described a troubling situation involving the use of ChatGPT to generate content for an appraisal report. The trainee admitted to using ChatGPT to write a market summary section without properly reviewing it first. This resulted in factual inaccuracies making it into the final report delivered to the client. Upon discovering this, the client, a local bank, threatened to file a complaint against the trainee. The trainee is now considering falsely claiming to have personally written the problematic section in an attempt to avoid consequences. “Hey everyone, I recently used...

USPAP 3rd Exposure Draft & Nondiscrimination Section Proposed 13

USPAP Third Exposure Draft

…the Ethics Rule has been expanded with a new highly detailed Nondiscrimination section, which also affects the Competency Rule. Folks, the Appraisal Foundation’s Appraisal Standards Board released the THIRD Exposure Draft to USPAP on July 26, 2022. To be honest, I didn’t know there have been two previous Exposure Drafts. I would encourage you to download and print this Draft here. The PDF is also embedded below. It’s only 11 pages total. The key difference in this Draft is that the Ethics Rule has been expanded with a new highly detailed Nondiscrimination section, which also affects the Competency Rule. You...

Who’s REALLY completing bifurcated/hybrid Reports? 14

Who’s REALLY Completing Hybrids?

Who’s REALLY completing bifurcated/hybrid appraisal reports? This essay has been “rattlin’ around my cranium” for a few months from the time I acquired two ‘case study’ report examples in early 2020. I’ve recently received a third bifurcated report, which has similar appraiser data. So now is a prime time to spill the beans, so to speak. Especially since FHFA, the conservator of Fannie and Freddie, is currently on a mission to “modernize the appraisal process.” They are seeking input from appraisers and other stakeholders who use appraisals. But first, as the infomercials say, there’s more! One ‘more’ concerns appraiser obligations...

Bifurcated Appraisal Fans Can Claim SOW Till They're Blue in the Face 50

Hybrids vs USPAP Scope of Work Rule

Supporters of the bifurcated appraisal can claim scope of work till they are blue in the face… Appraisal Buzz published an article written by Joshua Walit on July 31, 2019 titled Nothing New Under the Sun: The Varied Face of Appraisal. The article brings up some good points, however; it does not take into account the reality of the market and the control of the lenders and appraisal management companies in the process. The mere fact that the appraiser does not have control over the person completing the inspection and in most cases, no way to even know who is providing the...

Geographical Competency...What the Flip is it? - AppraisersBlogs 19

What the Flip is ‘Geographic Competency?’

I want to talk today about one of my biggest pet peeves in the whole real estate appraisal industry: geographical competency. We belong to an industry in which large numbers of people are failing to make a living, and being forced to leave. It’s sad, but it can be reversed. One of the major changes that is needed regards geographical competency. We throw this phrase ‘geographical competency’ around a lot, and pretend that it means something. Does it really? Well, if you go and take a look in USPAP, I don’t think you’ll find it there. You’ll find the competency...

FHA vs USPAP - FHA vs USPAP - FHA requirements – Appraisers Caught in Catch 22 111

FHA Requirements vs USPAP

FHA Requirements vs USPAP – Appraisers Caught in Catch 22 Excerpt The new FHA Handbook will become effective on September 14, 2015. There has been much discussion of the implications of changing “should” to “must” in thousands of examples in the Handbook. As a Board member of the Arizona Association of Real Estate Appraisers as well as being on the FHA Roster, I have taken a good hard look at these requirements and then, it hit me as I was teaching the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) which is the basis of appraisal standards for every appraiser in...

Going the distance in USPAP 3

Going the Distance in USPAP

Arbitrary distance limitations…. When I was in private practice, much of my litigation work took me to Somonauck, Sandwich and Plano, Illinois. That’s about 45 miles west of where I live. Still, I had so much work in those areas, you’d think I had an office there. However, if I were working for many AMCs, I’d have been considered too far out of my area for the assignment. Some AMCs, under the guise of authenticating geo-competency, restrict assignments to Illinois certified appraisers based upon arbitrary distance limitations. Most typically seen are 15 miles for urban/suburban locations and 25 miles for...

2014-15 USPAP Modifications 0

2014-15 USPAP Modifications Released

2014-15 modifications to USPAP become effective 1/1/2014 In preparation of the new 2014-15 modifications to USPAP effective January 1, ASA’s Ethic’s Committee has prepared a brief summary outlining the modifications. The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) 2014-15 modifications to USPAP become effective January 1, 2014. These modifications include: Revisions to the DEFINITIONS of “Assignment Results” and “Scope of Work” — Based on comments received, there was a need to clarify the definition of ‘Assignment Results.’ In an appraisal assignment, assignment results currently include more than just the appraiser’s opinion of value, as the appraiser is responsible not only for the opinion...

House Five Acres Appraisals 3

House and Five Acres

Five acres where? . A house and five is a typical rural/agricultural assignment throughout Illinois. Appraisers who perform these assignments are quick to point out that, “I get these assignments all of the time.” What does USPAP state in the FAQ? 178. APPRAISING PHYSICAL SEGMENTS (5-ACRE PORTION) Question: A local lender has asked me to appraiser only a 5-acre portion of a 62-acre parcel. Am I permitted to comply with this request? Response: Standards Rule 1-2(e)(v) states that the subject of an assignment may be a physical segment of a property. However, appraisers must also comply with any laws, regulations,...

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