WinTOTAL Formfilling Essentials Webinar

WinTOTAL merging tutorial

If you are a WinTOTAL user, you may be in in the habit of starting a report by cloning a template instead of merging a template. This class shows you how to start a report by merging a template instead of cloning it, or merging different sections of a report or several reports. Cloning overwrites everything while merging fills in the blanks. In other words, you can merge parts of one report or several reports over and over again without overwriting the fields you have already filled in. For example, let’s say you have done a report a few blocks down the street from the one you are working on and you want to use the same comparable sales and maybe the neighborhood section. If you clone the report, you will clone the entire report.

This tutorial will show you how to merge only the sections needed as well as navigating WinTOTAL, creating and using Quicklists, adding documents into your report, using E&O and side by side comps.

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  1. Avatar Jim says:

    Thanks for the webinar. Although I’ve been using WinTOTAL for several years now, I’ve always been cloning my reports. For the neighborhood section, I’ve been using the Quicklists but now I know how to merge that from old reports 🙂


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WinTOTAL Formfilling Essentials Webinar

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