New Trade Association Announces Launch to Support Appraisal Industry

Announcing the Official Formation of the National Association of Appraisal Management Companies (NAAMC)

Providence, RI (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

Filling a long missing void in the ever-changing Appraisal and Residential Home Mortgage sectors, a collection of Industry-leading Appraisal Management Companies joined forces to create a unique and extremely necessary organization exclusively committed to supporting all entities impacted in the Residential Appraisal and Valuation industries.

Officially formed in late July 2012, several months’ pre-launch due diligence was completed by the sixteen Founding Members of the National Association of Appraisal Management Companies (NAAMC). This non-profit trade association is officially incorporated in Delaware and will maintain Headquarters in Providence, RI. “The formation of NAAMC was long overdue,” stated Danielle Gatsos, chairperson for the NAAMC Public Relations Team.

“In order to enhance public trust in the role of Appraisal Management Companies, ensure the industry has a voice in the volatile regulatory environment, and foster intermediary cooperation between Lenders, Appraisers, Loan Originators and all other interested parties, the Founding Members felt it imperative we devote our time and money to form this important organization,” stated Ms. Gatsos.

“Equally important in this process,” said Ms. Gatsos, “was creating a vehicle that promotes Appraiser Independence and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP), the governing body of regulations in the Appraisal industry. We strongly and fundamentally believe this community can promote innovation and superior valuation products that will benefit our valuable clients, and most importantly the consumer, through multi-sector industry collaboration.”

The official founding members of the National Association of Appraisal Management Companies include: Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, LLC; Quality Valuation Services, LLC; Kirchmeyer & Associates; Title Source Inc.; DataQuick Lending Solutions; Equity Solutions USA; LaSalle Commercial Appraisal Management; LRES Corp; Source Appraisal Management, LLC; ValueAmerica; The William Craig Company, Inc.; Class Appraisal; Olde City Lending Solutions; Valuation Management Group; LookingGlass Cc, Ltd. and InHouse Solutions.


The first Trade Organization devoted to the Appraisal Management Industry and its related sectors, the National Association of Appraisal Management Companies (NAAMC) is a vehicle that benefits all of its members through cooperative efforts in areas of governmental affairs, ensuring a united voice with individual concern. NAAMC combines various levels of education, experience and business segments working towards a common goal of conducting business with integrity, acting as mentors and insuring all entities receive equal benefits. Membership in NAAMC is open to all entities involved in the Valuation Industry including, but not limited to: Appraisers, Lenders, Vendor partners, and Government Agencies.

For information on joining, or to learn more about NAAMC, visit NAAMC or email info(at)NAAMC(dot)org

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3 Responses

  1. Retired Appraiser Retired Appraiser says:

    Dear N Double A M C

    I recommend that you send the original gorilla himself (Andy Cuomode) a Chirstmas gift each year for the next 8 years. You owe your very existence to that POS. If you’re lucky, he may remember you in 8 years when he makes his run on the White House.

  2. Baggins Baggins says:

    “The chilling effect.”

  3. Mike Ford Mike Ford says:

    Lets correct one misconception right off the bat. AMCs are NOT ‘part of the appraisal industry’.

    You may be part of the snake oil industry; or parasitic opportunists industry, but stop pretending to be any kind of beneficial part of the appraisal industry.

    You just makes yourselves look more foolish to those that know better, AND you strengthen our resolve to bring your involvement ‘in the appraisal industry’ to a complete end.


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New Trade Association Announces Launch to Support Appraisal Industry

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