Expert Witness AMC Order Blast & Appraiser’s Response

Expert Witness AMC Order Blast & Appraiser's Response

AMC’s order blast for Expert Witness Appraisal Services

Before I can offer ANY bid, you folks need to decide whether you want a FNMA 1004 form, a 1073 form or a 1025 form. If the latter is sought, then a 1004MC would not appear to be relevant.

I am expert witness qualified in Los Angeles County Superior Court. In addition to the base fee (due in advance) which starts at a minimum of $1,500 for SFR, $2,000 for a condo and $2,500 for a 2 to 4 unit rent controlled property in Los Angeles, I charge $350 an hour for expert witness court appearances. The expert witness fees can be estimated and paid on the date of appearance PRIOR to the appearance. In the event that the property value is expected to exceed a million dollars, a premium would be applied to the fee. It is not directly value related. It is based on anticipated complexity. For example, if it is in excess of ten million dollars, you should expect a fee in the range of $5,000 to $7,000+/-. You should allow from two to four weeks depending on the specific property characteristics in question.

Usually, I appear for the side that is NOT engaging an appraiser through an AMC. This is something that you really should be having the attorney order. In any case, I would not accept the order without discussing it directly with the attorney first.

Certainly I would never go to court and try to defend a meaningless formatted UAD compliant appraisal report which is only suited to the very particular database building needs of FNMA and other GSEs. It is a terrible format to take into a court room and sets your side up to lose before you even get started. You should not confuse Fannie Mae’s acceptance or endorsement of UAD formats as being equal to a good appraisal report (format) that does NOT have UAD’s artificial directives.

Additionally you have several other directive comments in this email about what I can or cannot do. Several of these amount to unnecessary interference in the appraisal process and negate any certifications about undue influence that would become apparent under cross examination.

When you hire an appraiser to perform an appraisal for legal purposes, set aside your boilerplate. No two cases are the same. YOU should not dictate artificial boilerplate constraints. You are not appraisers and you are not California attorneys.

Any chance you could refer me to the opposing side?

Thank you,
Mike Ford

From: Laura Avila []
Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 12:03 PM
To: Laura Avila
Subject: Interior Appraisal Request (Los Angeles, CA)- Purpose: Junior Lien

Redacted property address

*** RETRO/ EFFECTIVE DATE 4/21/2016***


We have an order for the property above that we need to have an appraisal completed on. Report must be UAD compliant. The forms required for this report is 1004, 1004MC, 1073, 1025. We need this completed as quickly as possible. Appraiser must be willing to execute a declaration in support of the appraisal and is willing to attend a hearing and given testimony as to the valuation, if necessary. Original photos Required (NOT MLS) for the subject and comps (3 sale comparables must have closed within 90 days. In the case where they aren’t’ available, appraiser must provide a detailed explanation as to why. No canned statements. 5 Sales Comparables are required on properties valued at $1,000,000 or more. Must provide 1 comparable listing for each sold comparable that is over 90 days. Provide land value in cost approach section). If interested, please advise your fee and current TAT via email.

Please make sure to include your experience giving expert testimony.

Thank you,

Laura E. Avila
Appraisal Order Specialist
LRES Corp.
Corporate Headquarters
765 The City Drive South, Suite 300
Orange, CA 92868
Direct: (951) 496-4265 | F 714.520.5499

Michael Ford
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Michael Ford

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Pat Turner says:

    They ought to be turned in to every board in the country…as I say over and over it is NOT appraisal management, it is appraisal pimping

    • Retired Appraiser Retired Appraiser says:

      Appraiser Pimping

      Appraiser Extortion

      Appraiser Harassment

      Appraiser Persecution

      Pimp Daddy Valuation Corp. now seeking *good appraisers.

      *Good=Willing to replace your comps with our comps in order to hit the value that our lender client requests. Willing to work for a fee that is low enough to leave us with a $500 profit.

      • Jodi Knox on Facebook Jodi Knox on Facebook says:

        This is appraiser Pimping!!

        GET STARTED TODAY! 866.439.9546
        Appraiser Sign Up
        Welcome to AMC Links. Please fill out the information below to apply for approval on the AMC Links appraiser panel. Any questions may be directed to Thank you!

        Are you willing to accept Promotional Assignments? more info: ((Please answer YES if you are willing to accept single family 1004 and FHA assignments for a reduced fee during promotional campaigns for new clients. This is an exciting new opportunity to expand your business and gain preferred status for all AMC Linksn++ appraisal assignments. AMC Links may offer new clients a substantial discount during the 30-60 days of their sign-up. In most cases, you will receive 100% of the total appraisal fee we collect, and we will provide the management services for free or at a loss. Our promotional rate compensation to you will be approximately 65 -75% of current rates. This will be for new and underperforming AMC Links clients only and will not affect compensation status with current clients. This will be a time limited process and after 30-60 days we will change to a standard pricing structure similar to our existing client base and your compensation rate will also adjust accordingly. Those appraisers that participate in Promotional Assignments will be given priority status for future orders. As always, you will be notified of all promotional assignments and can accept or decline each one at the time they become available. If you are willing to participate and be placed on the Promotional Appraiser Assignment List please answer YES.))

  2. Appraisers that agree to work for 65% to 75% of what are already unreasonably low fees will be given priority?

    WOW. Sign me up! Assuming Virginia’s minimum to be a working ‘base’ if I accept orders at $292.50 to $337.50 they’ll give me priority status. HOT DAMN! GYSOT! (apologies to Richard at Gas Monkey Garage)

    I also loved the part about them working for free. With typical national one size fits all TURD fees being quoted at $495 to $550 by lenders to AMCs, I’m missing the calculation of where they are working for free at the AMC.

    By golly, we’ll just call it a promotional fee and tell Dodd Frank to go to hell completely!

    I wish I knew how to spell chutzpah!

  3. Baggins Baggins says:

    The most interesting thing about non licensed inexperienced amc persons trying to hook appraisers, is all the corny sales tools they use. They have no experience with the actual ethic of this industry, so they turn to what they know; regular every day sales tactics.

    Like what sort of fool would sign up for a temporary credit card rate? The same sort of fool that would accept employment under conditions they got paid less in the future, rather than more. In more honest terms, the above engagement posted is synonymous with teaser introductory rate. But it’s not for credit, Punchline is it’s for employment! Show me one other instance of employment style engagement where the worker is offered the illustrious deal of guaranteed reduced income after the promotional term is over. Newsflash to amc’s: You’re doing it wrong. This is why every single amc worker needs to be licensed and qualify with criteria similar to that levied on appraisers, mb’s, and lawyers. Want to wash them all out overnight? Force amc workers to take ethics quizzes in order to keep their jobs. They’ll try but 95% of them will wash out the day of test grading. If these amc people were carpenters, they’d be hammering screws. Clearly absolutely, they’re doing it wrong.

    hammer and screws


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Expert Witness AMC Order Blast & Appraiser’s Response

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