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Congratulations AppraisersBlogs - On Behalf of All the Crew at AGA! 7

Congratulations AppraisersBlogs

I just received a phone call that demonstrates AppraisersBlogs has international readership and influence. About an hour ago, I received a call from an Israeli appraisal software developer asking questions about features that appraisers like and dislike in appraisal software. Obviously, he got my views – though I tried to be reasonably objective and if he follows up with email as planned, we may all be able to offer input. My main point though, is to let the Administrators of AppraisersBlogs (AB) know just how far their influence travels. This caller follows AB because it is one of the very...

An appraisal is not THE opinion of value - Imagecredit Flickr - takomabibelot 0

An Appraisal is not THE Opinion of Value

My opinion of value is well-supported… Some of you are going to need to hang up your ego hats for this one. You know who you are. I see you hanging out on the online appraisal forums. You are the ones who do not just have an opinion, but THE opinion. Don’t worry, I will let you put it back on before I am done. As appraisers, we are often asked a question similar to this, “Why can two professionals appraise the same property, yet come up with two different values?” It is an excellent question, and one that has...

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