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What Can You Do When AMC Does Not Pay?

What happens when an AMC does not pay or closes its doors & should funds collected for appraisals be kept in escrow? 54.1-2021.1 of the Code of Virginia requires AMCs to post a $100,000 bond or letter of credit. Appraisers may be able to file a claim against the bond or letter of credit and receive funds if they have not been paid. Directly from the statute: “§ 54.1-2021.1. Appraisal management companies; license required; posting of bond or letter of credit. In addition to the filing fee, each applicant for licensure shall post either a bond or a letter of credit...

Bid Request to Find the Lowest Bidder Coming Soon to Mercury Network 60

Let the Bids Begin!

Bid assignments are more often than not awarded to lowest bidders… For the past couple of days, we have been hearing rumors about Corelogic beta testing a “Residential Bidding” system for Mercury Network. It is no longer a rumor. It will be launched in late August. It did not take Corelogic long, after it acquired Mercury Network, to implement some changes. The bidding system will allow their customers to request bids from multiple appraisers. They claim that this feature will help their clients find an appraiser faster. Yet, will this be the primary reason it will be used? Based on...

Metro-West Solicitation Blast & Appraiser's Response 27

Appraiser’s Response to Metro-West

Metro-West Appraisal, thank you for your bulk email solicitation… I will consider accepting work from you on the following basis: My minimum fee for non complex FNMA guideline compliant SFRs is $550 (net). There are no exceptions. Any upload fees or other forms of service charges  or ‘convenience’ fees will be added to that fee. I do not accept or authorize discounting of the fee for any reason. The premium or surcharge for property with a transaction amount or other characteristic that requires completion by a certified appraiser, is a minimum of $250. However the final bid will depend on...

TCValuations ceasing operations & paying appraisers $0.25 on the dollar! 58

TCValuations Ceasing Operations!

TCValuations Paying Appraisers $0.25 on the Dollar! VaCAP has just learned TCValuations is ceasing operations. They are paying appraisers $0.25 on the dollar! Some good advice: AMCs ceasing operation may be the beginning of a trend as more lenders stop using AMC’s. Stay on top of your receivables and be careful when granting credit. Dear Appraiser, It is with much regret, that I write this letter to inform you that TCV has commenced an orderly wind up and liquidation of operations. Unfortunately a significant downturn in revenue and the loss of part of our volume with two key clients in...

Buggy Whip Makers' Fate Chasing Appraisers 20

Appraisers = Buggy Whip Makers?

Appraisers Going the Way of the Buggy Whip Makers? Ken Harney has another article all appraisers should read: Refinancing mortgage? Maybe you don’t need that appraisal after all This discusses and discloses the Fannie and Freddie initiatives to eliminate appraisals ON CERTAIN TYPES OF LOANS. Of course, the loan sellers/salespeople are all in favor of speeding up the process, eliminating costs, and promoting a ‘better relationship’ for their loan customers. Appraisers, on the other hand, are wary of the processes which rely on dated property info kept in giant data bases, and disinterest by ‘those with the gold’ to really...

Flagstar Bank Eliminating Use of AMCs: Direct Vendor Appraisers Wanted 27

Flagstar Bank Eliminating AMCs

Flagstar Bank’s Direct Vendor Appraisers Appraisers, I have just learned from reading a forum that Flagstar Bank is doing away with the AMCs they use, and bringing appraisal ordering back in-house. However, you must agree to this: PLEASE NOTE: We only pay via ACH (automatic deposit twice a month on the 1st and 15th) so your bank information is also mandatory. There are no other payment methods available at this time so if you prefer not to use automatic deposit we unfortunately cannot add you to the panel. Also effective July 24th, 2017 there will be a click fee charge...

Housing Bubble, FTC vs LREAB Update & Antitrust Immunity Bill 6

Housing Bubble, FTC & Antitrust Immunity

Is the Housing Bubble About to Burst? Subpoenas Have Been Issued; A Stay Has Been Granted; The Case is Moving Forward The FTC vs LREAB case has had numerous articles floating around.  Some information that is being stated is inaccurate, some embellished, some truthful. The official case log contains everything from the initial complaint to the Judge’s rulings. Take a look at some of the subpoenas issued and who is filing motions to quash them…. What do these AMC’s have to hide? Click here for the official case log. Wow, Just Wow! “S.1649 – A bill to help States combat abuse...

Relationships with Companies Harming Appraisers' Interests ... Wells Fargo 52

What’s In a Relationship?

Salvaging Relationships with Appraisers… Wells Fargo, one of the oldest banks in the country, is working hard to salvage relationships, not with just customers and regulators, but appraisers as well. Wells Fargo recently stopped using Appraisal Management Companies and is aggressively trying to build an appraisal panel of their own. Appraisers are excited that one of the largest banks in the country is no longer using AMC’s. We give Wells Fargo high “Kudos” for making a change in the right direction. However, there is a bit of a dilemma when making an informed decision whether to have a relationship with Wells...

Pressure Can Never Be Removed From Appraisers 5

Gaining Perspective On Our Profession

Pressure that used to be overt has now become covert… I hold no particular pedigree or credential to speak for everyone in the real estate appraisal profession. All I can do is draw from nearly 26 years of being a part of it. In that time, I have heard almost every opinion on every issue that promises to be the next big challenge for our industry. It’s true that like everything, change is inevitable. We adapt to new technologies and practices as well as learn new skill sets. From FIRREA to Dodd-Frank, appraisers have continued to evolve when swift moving...

No Appraiser Shortgage 0

Appraiserville – There Is No Appraisal Shortage

Appraiserville – A webinar and charts to end any doubt – there is no appraisal shortage. Several months ago, Housingwire hosted a controversial webinar that seemed to represent all that was wrong with the perception of appraisers and the patently false “appraiser shortage” narrative that was being pushed out by REVAA and AMCs across all mortgage related publications. Even the Appraisal Institute – long known for the reputation of being dismissive of its residential membership – talks about the shortage after forming their fact finding committee to address how to better represent residential appraisers in the organizations. Read more »

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