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Experienced and New: A Review of Appraiserfest 2018 - Appraisers Blogs 7

Experienced and New

Experienced and New: A Review of Appraiserfest 2018 By Tom Horn, SRA and Woody Fincham, SRA, AI-RRS, RAA Member of RAC A Newbie Conference Attendee’s Take on Appraiserfest 2018 Tom Horn, SRA I just got back from the first ever Appraiserfest conference, held in San Antonio, Texas, and while it is fresh on my mind I thought I would share my thoughts. This is my first national appraisal conference to attend and I have to say it did not disappoint. I have been an appraiser for quite a while but have never been interested in spending my money or time to attend...

See Something, Say Something - Engage in a Campaign to Expose Lies 6

See Something, Say Something

…engage in a brief healthy debate with the other side to expose the falsities being spread… Anyone wanna play the “what if” game with me? Ok fine… I’ll be the dreamer and you tell me the reality of it. Here we go…. What if… all of us independent appraisers, since we are the only ones with a voice for the industry, were to actively engage in a campaign to call out real estate and mortgage marketing propaganda across the internet as and when we see it, which should be several times a day. The internet is riddled with lies that...

Independent Appraisers Task Force to Overcome the Number Game 12

Independent Appraisers Task Force

Create a task force of only independent appraisers… Appraisers are a minority in the real estate/lending world and tasked as the gatekeepers of mortgage transactions to protect everyone in the transaction from their immediate rapacity. Of the 40 some thousand residential appraisers I have no idea of the exact division of field appraisers to reviewers. I’m guessing that maybe it’s divided in half, or say a third which are reviewers and then there’s probably another third or so that are newer licensed appraisers. So now we have around 20,000 or so Certified Appraisers that are in the field and are...

Human Real Estate Appraisers Unnecessary? - Appraisers Blogs 72

Human Real Estate Appraisers Unnecessary?

“Real estate appraisers will not exist in the future.” – Reasons Behind Matt Rider’s Projection and Why He’s Wrong Technology in real estate is advancing to a point where any user can “pull up a property’s data together” and create an appraisal. This is the main point raised by Franklin American Mortgage’s Chief Information Officer Matt Rider in his interview with National Mortgage News. He claimed that as a result, real estate appraisers wouldn’t exist in the future. Rider’s projection seems to be based on society’s increasing dependence on Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI). According to Forbes contributor Jason...

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