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Cap on Fees & Appraiser Politics - Appraisers Blogs 32

Appraiser Politics

I doubt that appraisers would be as excited if a cap were placed on appraisers… Recently, I noticed many appraisers were excited about a new bill that was introduced in Virginia. This bill initially sounded favorable to me, but as I examined it more closely, I quickly became concerned with the excitement that was building up around it in the appraiser community. Laws in general are typically difficult to understand, and they can look better at first glance than they actually are. It is important for us to analyze new laws carefully before we advocate for them. Senate Bill 655...

AMC staff appraiser positions and the lack of public protection and trust 1

Virginia Appraisers in the Spotlight Again

AMC staff appraisers are not independent If you have not already done so, please listen to the Voice of Appraisal with Phil Crawford. Once again, Phil has brought Virginia into the spot light. This is the third show Phil has talked about AMC staff appraiser positions and the lack of public protection and trust. Thank You Phil and Kevin! Listen to the show at the bottom of this article. Please attend and speak against AMCs hiring staff appraisers to complete the appraisal reports. By definition, an AMC and an appraiser have two very different functions. Even the National Association of...

Mister 225 appraiser & VaCAP 27

Mr. $225 Appraiser and VaCAP

Mr. $225 Appraiser, you are a major contributor to the problem Recently VaCAP has been receiving correspondence from Virginia Appraisers complaining about low fees and AMC abuses. Comments like the “The AMC is taking more than half of my fee” and another “Why hasn’t VaCAP done something?” One of the best yet… ”When is the Customary and Reasonable Fee Committee meeting? I can’t keep accepting appraisals for $225“ This came two weeks after the Customary and Reasonable Fee Committee meeting! Well Mr. $225 Appraiser, what rock have you been under? VaCAP sends out information on a regular basis; on average...

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