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Forward and Reverse FHA Condo Mortgages - Zoning and Solar Photovoltaic 2

FHA Forward & Reverse Mortgages

FHA appraisers, you may begin seeing more appraisal assignments for both FHA ‘Forward’ and ‘Reverse’ mortgages on condos, starting in October 2019. “Forward” is the slang term for a standard mortgage with a set term, paid off during that term. HUD/FHA has changed the eligibility requirements for condo properties to allow senior (seasoned) citizens to apply for a reverse mortgage if that is their primary residence. The change takes effect in October. The change also affects standard ‘forward’ mortgages on condos, making it easier for condo projects to quality for FHA guaranteed mortgages. FHA clamped down on these in 2008,...

Valuing the Contribution of Solar Panels 39

Valuing the Contribution of Solar Panels

How to value the appraised property with solar panels Appraisers, Valuing the contribution of solar panels on homes has become one of the trickiest aspects of our work over the past decade. Attached is a very well written 45 page report that will help all appraisers better understand this issue, and perhaps lead you in the right direction when you encounter homes with solar panels. I strongly recommend that you print a copy for your library. Oh, and actually read it! The basis of the report is how to value the appraised property with solar panels, when no comps have...

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