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What is Truth or Accuracy for Appraisers? How Do We Find Accuracy? 12

What is Truth or Accuracy for Appraisers?

Are we supposed to be paid truth-seekers? The appraiser is supposed to be accurate. What is “accurate”? Dictionary meanings say accuracy is “the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact.” Tell the truth. Can it be? Hmmm. A search for truth. OK. So how do we come to know the truth? Are we supposed to be paid truth-seekers? Cool. I read that there are four ways to “know” truth: Tradition, Authority, Insistence, and Science. Wow! Let’s look at these briefly. This sounds serious! Let’s look at USPAP and The Appraisal of Real Estate. Appraisers have long been steeped in the...

Appraiser Qualification Board Moving Like a Turtle 16

AQB Moving Like a Turtle

Appraiser Qualification Board moving like a turtle in solving how to get more people into the appraisal profession. I recently returned from a trip to Maui, Hawaii. While there, we saw two beaches where the ‘famous’ green sea turtles were lounging around during the day. Kinda reminded me of how slowly the Appraiser Qualification Criteria (AQB) is reacting to the near shut-off in getting new and younger people into our business. AQB didn’t take real constructive action at their Nov. 18, 2016 public meeting, but they did provide this riveting synopsis of what they did do during the meeting: On...

College Degree Requirement Misguided & Elitist - AppraisersBlogs 12

College Degree Requirement Misguided

The college degree requirement seems more like a forced attempt at elevating the status of the profession by closing the club, and that strikes me as elitist. I know about half of you disagree but the college degree requirement for Certification was a wrong turn for the industry. To its credit the Appraisal Foundation (TAF) is on the right track in trying to find a way out of the corner it has painted the profession into but it doesn’t look like it intends to go far enough in fixing the problem. As we all know by now, veteran appraisers as...

College Degree Requirement is Flawed - AppraisersBlogs 51

College Degree Requirement is Flawed

Why the 4-year college degree requirement is flawed and how to make the requirement work? Many, many years ago, my local college offered appraisal classes. You could take a couple classes, go take the state test and start knocking on doors. New people didn’t need a mentor. And new people learned by trial and error. It probably wasn’t the best way to do things. But it did allow for new people to freely get into the profession without a bunch of hurdles to overcome. Times have changed. Today, new people have to have a 4-year college degree in anything first,...

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