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Smartphone Measuring Technology 15

Smartphone Measuring Technology

This new measuring technology claims the software to be ANSI compliant.  Appraisers, over the past couple of years, there have been lively discussions on forums, Facebook groups, at conferences, etc., about a ‘new’ technology which allows a ‘phone holder’ to measure a structure, with that technology providing a “Sketch” or “Floor Plan” of that structure. Some of you may have heard about one of the originating companies, Matterport, which some real estate agents/brokers use to generate virtual 3D interior diagrams and videos used in property marketing. Smartphone measuring technology evolved from that. Until recently, I and others did not understand...


DaVinci for Android is here!

DaVinci for Android is here and you can dowload it now for free in the Android Market. Anyone with a Smartphone or tablet with Android 2.1 or later can download it. Click here to go to the DaVinci download page in the  Android Market. Click here to download the WinTOTAL update from the labs page. This will allow for file syncing between WinTOTAL and your device. With DaVinci for Android you can: Fill out an entire 1004 from the field by simply tapping on the screen, or use Android’s “talk-to-type” feature to fill out the report using your voice Create QuickLists within DaVinci...


Davinci for Android coming soon

Davinci for Android is a field data gathering and sketching tool for appraisers running on Google’s Android operating system (OS). Some of the features in Android which may not necessarily be available in other platforms are: Talk-to-type in any field: Android has a “voice input” button on the keyboard which will allow appraisers to use thir voice to enter data into fields. Appraisers can fill the entire inspection using voice input. Free turn-by-turn voice activated navigation provided within the OS: Turn-by-turn voice navigation is provided within the Android OS at no additional charge.  Appraisers can use it as a GPS...

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