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AMC Business Model is Based on Lies That Hurt The Consumer 36

The Reality

There is no shortage of appraisers, only appraisers willing to work for Appraisal Management Companies, but there will be a shortage if the current toxic business climate does not change. The AMC business model is based on lies that hurt the consumer and your constituents. There are many voices that have agendas to reduce the qualifications to become a Real Estate appraiser, whether it be a Licensed Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser or a Certified General Appraiser. There are also voices that would like the requirements of an appraisal by a person licensed by the state to be waived as there is a...


Another AppraiserLoft?

If you do work for Clarocity Valuation Services, you definitely should pay attention… Simple Wall St reports: “Clarocity has limited growth and a worrying balance sheet” On November 26, 2017 VaCAP shared an issue with one of our members not receiving communication from Clarocity Valuation Services concerning past due invoices. Due to our research and public sharing, our member was paid. During that time, VaCAP learned some things about Clarocity and we continued to follow the company. We are not going to tell anyone who to do business with or how to operate their business, but we ask that the analytic...

Clarocity May Have Gone Dark.... Have AMCs Gone Dark? 28

Have AMCs Gone Dark?

Clarocity May Have Gone Dark… VaCAP has learned from one of our members the Appraisal Management Company, Clarocity Valuation Services, may have gone dark. The VaCAP member has invoices for their services over 30 days old and Clarocity has been unresponsive to numerous emails and phone calls over the past several weeks. Additionally, new orders are being assigned through their portal, Appraisal Scope. Virginia passed a 30 day prompt payment law that went into effect July 1, 2017. The statute is very clear that an AMC must pay an appraiser within 30 days from the initial delivery of the report....

Hybrid Appraisals – Why They Are Impacting Appraisal Employment 23

Hybrid Appraisals – Why They Are Impacting Appraisal Employment

How hybrid appraisals may impact your future Appraisers, A day or so ago, I found out about the rebranding of ZAIO into Clarocity, and their purchase of Valued Veterans AMC. The ‘new’ CEO of the Canadian/USA company, formerly ZIAO, now named Clarocity, was recently interviewed. Take the time to actually read this interview. If you have forgotten, ZIAO came into the US in about early 2008 or so with the intent to develop property data bases in most urban areas – with photos, that could be re-used by various entities. They sold ‘zones’ to a number of appraisers, expecting them...

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