Your Trade Has Been Under Assault for Years!

Your Trade Has Been Under Assault for YearsYour trade has been under assault for years.

The de minimus rule was the first I sensed of the end of your trade. I am going off of vague memory but I think it was 1997, and at the time, the near majority of my town was below the $250,000 threshold, as were 90% of the towns adjacent. I remember an old horse telling me the handwriting was on the wall for him and his kind. As I reflect on it there have been repeated efforts to pare down the costs of borrowing by trimming fees for title and other closing statement fees. The title companies stomped on that toot sweet (tout de suite for the sophisticates in the audience) because they are a VERY coherent lobby with FAT and DEEP pockets protecting a genuine golden egg laying goose. We did see escrow fees hammered as the big guns (FATCO, FNF) saw easy fees and the rise of electronic everything from doc delivery to signatures.

Realtor fees have been cut across the board on a percentage basis, but I will still tell you that my trade is GROSSLY overpaid with sales commonly at $1,200,000 and well beyond. The work we do on a $2,000,000 file is no more than that of the $1,000,000 file. So let the regulators and elected hacks peddle their ignorant blather but believe it, your trade is CRUCIAL to a proper loan file with no hanky panky. And yet your trade is still done. More’s the bummer because the taxpayers will backstop the losses, but hey, gubmint is daddy, right?

Like travel agents that still have a toehold on stuff like cruises or corporate stuff, the trade as a whole is going, going, gone. What remains will not be the pros we know now, but clerks and minions. BPOsare an easy kill. I am licensed in Hawaii, Oregon and California. Anyone want to open shop and do twelve or eighteen a day? The lenders seem to think they’re legit. Maybe they would be if one of you guys did them, but now they’re done by green pea realtors that couldn’t find their derrière with two hands. Just an idea.

By Michael Ford, Real Estate Broker at EncinitasHomes
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5 Responses

  1. Avatar JC says:

    It’s refreshing to hear this from a realtor! Sad but true. Thanks Mike

  2. Avatar Bill Johnson says:

    In working Encinitas, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carmel Valley, La Jolla, etc., your claim of sales commonly at $1,200,000 appears to be really low Mike. Currently, there are 40 active detached properties in the city of Encinitas ranging in price from $1,299,000 to $19,995,000 with the median being near $2,700,000. That being said, thanks for the big picture understanding.

    In case your wondering, the most expensive listing is located at 532 Neptune Ave and is offered by Josh and Matt Altman (2.5% / $500,000).

    Let the appraisal bidding start at $295.00 with a $14.50 transaction fee of course.

    Seek the truth.

  3. Avatar Caleb says:

    Agree. The assault started with raising the de minimus threshold a few times, the HVCC and use of amcs, waivers, AVMs, hybrids and now claims alleging racism. I’m sure I’m forgetting some others.

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Mr Baggots upcoming article will clarify. The amazing evolved creature… Brilliance.

      This article made me sad. It gets a 5 star rating for the ability to hurt feelings. Bummer.

      Retired Appraiser will come along any minute to make sure I get the point. Then I’ll have to make another cheap home made paint meme. The cycle repeats.

  4. Avatar James Anderson says:

    The collective of real estate professionals is a bit like my family. If you’re not at the table, chances are you’re on the menu. With no real representation, appraisers are easy pickins.


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Your Trade Has Been Under Assault for Years!

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