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More Bankruptcies, AMC Bounced Checks, & Appraisal Waiver Granted... 6

Bounced Checks, Bankruptcies & Waivers

VaCAP has learned that another AMC might be having financial difficulties. There are conversations currently taking place in two appraiser groups on Facebook. The discussions revolve around bounced checks from an appraisal management company. The comments are varied and some are stating they are having no issues with this particular appraisal management company when it comes to payment. Others are stating invoices are past due from April and late payments have been the norm with this amc recently. One commenter stated their bank has issued a hold on checks from this amc. Then there is the original post from an...

Talked lately - We need to Talk VaCAP 6

Talked Lately? We Need to Talk!

Being informed is the key to success. Have you talked lately? Communication among appraisers is critical to our continued success. Whether it is reading a newsletter, having lunch with a colleague, or socializing at an industry function, this is how we learn, grow and succeed. Are you registered with the Townhall? The Virginia Regulatory Townhall is the regulatory website for information. Here you will find the regulations of the Virginia Appraisal Board, proposed regulations, and proposed changes. The Townhall is also the place to go for dates, times, agendas, and meeting minutes of the Virginia Appraisal Board Meetings. This is a must...

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