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National Appraisers Forum is one of the best appraiser groups with a wealth of info participants share freely on a wide number of topics…

Appraisers, if you would like to learn from highly qualified peers (other than me! :), post questions, or offer your own comments, consider joining the FREE group, National Appraisers Forum (NAF). Use this link.

This group used to be one of the Yahoo groups, but Yahoo is shutting down groups, so National Appraisers Forum has moved to ‘’ as its home base.

If you are not already a ‘participant’ of NAF, the sign-up is easy. If you are already a ‘participant’, you can use your login info to get on their database list of participants. Current participants should not post to the Yahoo group anymore.

This is one of the best appraiser groups as all commentary is respectful. While not everyone always agrees with certain points, the discussions are not demeaning. There is a wealth of info participants share freely on a wide number of topics. The group has several moderators who monitor the posting activity. has options available on the sign-up page for how you receive notice of posts to the NAF group. I use their digest function, which sends an email synopsis of recent posting activity.

One key point, NAF participants are not anonymous. You must use your name (at a bare minimum) when participating, which is required when signing up. Most participants also include the region or state where they are based, and designations, etc., with their name. Moderators are asking that anyone who wants to join should give their name as licensed, the state they are in, and their license number.

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Dave Towne

Dave Towne

AGA, MNAA, Accredited Green Appraiser - Licensed in WA State since 2003. Dave Towne on

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar IMJSAYN says:

    Thanks for the info. Joined!

  2. Avatar Douglas Miller says:

    Converting from Conventional to FHA. If, I go back out to take a picture of the attic and water heater, do I have to change the effective date. All else was checked initially. Lender wants me to change the date?

  3. Avatar Joel R Pace says:

    If I turned my garage into a bonus room, is this going to prevent me from getting an FHA loan?

  4. Avatar Kim Giles says:

    I have a client that ordered an assignment for FHA. They ordered a final inspection for USDA. Same client different intended user, can I do this?

  5. Avatar Benjamin C Todd says:

    Small low-end condo, 40 yo, poor condition. Most are selling for $30K and in need of repair. The HOA obviously needs to make major repairs to the exteriors, a $140 HOA fee has resulted in minimal repairs over the years.. This particular unit needs the entire ‘basement’ foundation repaired, re-built. Basement Doctor Estimate, $60K.

    In this situation… I’m considering using the ‘hypothetical condition’ that the value is based on the HOA making the needed repairs. Otherwise I have a negative value with no land/site value as its a condo. By-laws state that the HOA is responsible for the structure and exterior maintenance. THOUGHTS


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