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Racial Bias by Appraisers Uncommon & Not Systemic 6

Racial Bias by Appraisers Is Uncommon & Not Systemic

Intentional and unintentional racial bias by appraisers on refinance loans is uncommon and not systemic… On January 4, 2021, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) published a study titled “How Common Is Appraiser Racial Bias? An Analysis Using Big Data to Determine Whether It Is Common or Uncommon that an Appraiser’s Knowledge of an Applicant’s Race Results in Valuation Bias“. They concluded allegation that knowing the race of the applicant results in racial bias by appraisers on refinance loans is uncommon and not systemic. This same analysis supports the conclusion that unintentional bias based on race is also uncommon and not...

Clarocity Multi Million Dollar Garbage Technology vs. Appraisers 81

Garbage Replacing Appraisers?

If appraisers were to embrace such garbage, would the demise of this technology be sooner? …14.53 million dollar loss in 2017… Hey Clarocity, Give it up. It is time to face the facts! From Clarocity Public Financial Statements: 14.53 million dollar loss in 2017 9.49 million dollar loss in 2016 13.00 million dollar loss in 2015 5.43 million dollar loss in 2014 6.82 Million dollar loss 2013 4.95 million dollar loss in 2012 0.36 million dollar loss in 2011 1.19 million dollar loss in 2010 0.86 million dollar loss in 2009 44.8 million dollar loss in 2008 The 2017 Clarocity’s...

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