Monthly Archive: February 2014


New Appraisal Requirements for REOs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will require new appraisals on some real estate-owned properties financed by the Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Daily reported Dec. 10. Historically, when buyers of REO properties utilized FHA financing they had been able to use the appraisal originally ordered by HUD. However, the updated requirements will require new appraisals in situations where a direct endorsement underwriter decides there is a material deficiency in the original HUD REO appraisal. HUD also will require new appraisals in the instance of an “as-repaired” appraisal being used when a borrower is applying for a 203(l) loan....


Assigning Blame

Even though the redirection of blame is an ancient approach to avoid taking responsibility for ones one actions, this seemingly innocuous tactic has become the leading downfall to the financial industry today. Consider, the consequences of shifting blame: The actual party who has made poor lending decisions escapes taking responsibility, and often times will even get promoted. Thus the initial behavior does not change. Since the poor decision has not been corrected, the pattern will continue. Redirecting the blame combined with the continuation of the faulty decisions expands the direction of investigation, because now a larger pool of appraisers appear...

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