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If not for all the Political Correctness speech prohibitions, I could earn a living as a comedian off my family tree stereotypes alone!…

One of the saddest things about Political Correctness is that we lost the ability to laugh at ourselves, including our racial stereotypes. One of my old diving partners was black, and he and I could tease each other. No, “N-word” wasn’t part of it, but things like him saying CP Time, etc. were ok and also white stereotypes were fair game.

I keep waiting for some of my less restrained speech to get me labeled as a racist. When it does, I get to recite the following & challenge ANYONE to match it:

My brother and I were the Catholic Irish-Polacks in an area that was WASP German, Catholic Irish – Polish – Italian or Black with mixing frowned on, until the grandparents moved to “Whitesboro”, a half mile up the road from “Black Mans Corner” (I Swear its true!). I went back a couple years ago and saw for myself.

My half-brothers and half-sister were true Arab-Jews AND true African Americans; both being born in Casa Blanca when my natural dad remarried to a Moroccan. I asked their mother Sarah (father’s second wife) when I saw her during AppraiserFest while we were in Texas if she really was Arab and a Jew. She said yes. Technically it’s Maghreb or something like that. Anyway, being North African born to a mother raised there makes them real African-Americans.

Natural dad’s third wife was Korean. Daughters (my sisters) are Irish-Asian-American descent. Surviving sister is closest to half brother noted above, who is also gay.

I love them all. We’ve had too much racism in our own family from my paternal grandmother for me to continue it; but I’d sure like to be able to make jokes about it in public!

Which brings us to my paternal grandfather (“Pa”). 50% Cherokee (we think). His daughter always denied it, until I saw the birth certificate AND we tracked my own DNA. DNA just says we all have, including yours truly, an extra 12.5% Eastern Asian (Siberia/Mongolia?) = right percentage to be Amer-Indian given the backstory. Pa’s son (my natural dad) must have gotten the name Maria for his Korean daughters from Pa’s mom. Not sure where Juanita came from.

All we know from birth certificate was his mother’s name was Maria (no last name) which was common in that area at the time when 1/2 white kids were born to Indian mothers. They listed Indian mothers’ Christian first names only. Main tribe in area was Cherokee, but we are assuming. If you are following it makes my deceased brother an Irish-Polack, Catholic converted to Jehovah’s Witness Amer-Indian.

My other brothers are ‘North African Arab-Jew Amer-Indians, with one gay.

My surviving sister Juanita, Korean-American-Irish-Indian, and myself, “Irish-Polack Catholic Amer-Indian with a touch of India-Indian (4%) & 4% SOUTHERN India separate from the first 4% and I can’t remember all the rest but it basically means “Irish-Polack with no Spanish, French, Italian or German”.

The point is how can my family tree be anything OTHER than comedic? If not for all the Political Correctness speech prohibitions, I could earn a living as a comedian off my family tree stereotypes alone!

OK, not sure how you got me going down this particular path today, but I KNOW there are a bunch of jokes buried in the above post!

Michael Ford
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Michael Ford

Michael Ford

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5 Responses

  1. Drone Pros LLC on Facebook Drone Pros LLC on Facebook says:

    The world has changed bubba, and it’s waiting for you.

  2. Avatar Anon says:

    I wouldn’t say the world has changed. People still think what they want to think despite the media’s attempts at group think.

    What has changed is the virtue signaling (on Twitter and other forms of social media) and everyone being terrified someone will come after them next. Then the gaslighting by said virtue signalers when someone questions the validity of they hyperbole. Neo-mccarthyism a la social justice. The movement is already eating itself from the inside out.

    A good example is the one comment I see here lightly criticizing the poster from having a different opinion than their own.

    A larger example are the current ads by chevron talking about how they’re looking forward to “Green Energy”……the same company responsible for decades worth of fossil fuel pollution.

    You gotta laugh at it otherwise you’ll get depressed from it all. Society is messed up.

  3. Bubba? Thank You I forgot! Mom and Dad were both G-Damned Yankees where I was born in Okaloosa County Florida. Being native to Florida, I personally consider anyone born north of Pensacola to be at least part Yankee.

    …and yes, I did and still do like the Stars and Bars as a remembrance of my own history. Before it was banned.

  4. Avatar Carl says:

    I don’t think there is such a thing as a “100% pure race” as in 100% white or 100% black. The people we think as blacks or whites share genealogical ancestry over thousands of years. We can’t think of races as boxed categories because each race is made up of multiple lineages with gen flow between them. Even Vikings were diverse.

    We’re all mixed race. Some more than others. Mike would probably make the top 10 list 🙂

    • Exactly! Given the statistical probabilities, we will all eventually be tan or brown with a lot of Asian features. My Mexican GFs Cambodian-Mexican-American son has a head start! (& yes, I AM competing with my natural father’s record), but at this stage I’m sure there are doubters.

      Every word is true. Honest Injun! (I can say that, according to my DNA).


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Political Correctness

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