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Alternatives to Traditional Appraisals 5

Alternatives to Traditional Appraisals

…increasing usage of alternatives to traditional in-person appraisals for valuations in real estate transactions… A California Judge has ruled Wells Fargo must pay $97 million to mortgage employees for not paying employees for the state mandated breaks.  From the article, the Judge sided with the employees and ruled compensation for breaks should include commissions, not just an hourly rate. Just think, this is one state. Don’t most states have similar laws? $97,000,000 x 50 = $4,850,000,000 See the article here. Reminder: The National Association of Realtors, Real Property Valuation Forum presents: Rethinking Real Estate Valuation: Alternatives to Traditional Appraisals The...

Financial Reform Legislation in Terms of What it Does For or To Appraisers 12

Bridging The Gap

I’m an appraiser. I look at all proposed financial reform legislation in terms of what it does for, or to appraisers. Not whether it was proposed by a red or a blue. Dear AppraisersBlogs readers and fellow appraisers; Anyone who has read my past posts is aware I happen to be a Republican Union Organizer. Usually it isn’t an issue because I try to remain non partisan in my posts and to avoid offensive partisan rhetoric, while promoting appraisers rights; the American Guild of Appraisers, and being critical of bad lending policy and bad appraisal practices. I have also attempted...

Treasure Valley No Longer Accepting AMC Invoices, PIW & ACE Programs 10

Not Such a Quiet Week

For a quiet Holiday Week and the first week of school for many localities, many things to report: VaCAP has learned Treasure Valley Factors is no longer accepting “Managed Appraisal Services Inc.“ invoices. Treasure Valley Factoring has been highly promoted by Phil Crawford and many appraisers utilize their service. VaCAP does not know the reasoning behind their decision, but we can only assume it is risk based, or this AMC simply is not paying. This could be a sign of things to come. Be mindful of your receivables and take early action the first sign of trouble. It is a business...

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