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Appraisers Are Considered an Essential Business 36

Appraisers Considered an Essential Business

Under the order, “essential businesses” cover a wide variety of workers…Appraisers are considered an essential business… Illinois Governor Issues Stay-at-Home Order. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker today issued a “stay at home” order for the entire state starting Saturday March 21, 2020, at 5 p.m. through April 7. The order encourages all “essential businesses and operations” to remain open. Appraisers are considered an essential business The order encourages all “essential businesses and operations” to remain open, but directs them to enforce six-foot social distancing for both employees and customers. Under the order, “essential businesses” cover a wide variety of workers, including...

Digital Masking of People a Fair Housing Requirement of Mythodology 27

AMC Fair Housing Mythodology

AMCs are on notice to cease demanding and insisting that appraisers do digital staging. You’ve seen the AMC’s orders. “Appraiser is to obscure, blur or remove individuals from photos.” Why? Fair housing laws say so, that’s why. Do they? I had my first settlement conference with an AMC recently. Appraisers have been participating in settlement conferences with Appraisal Board members and Department attorneys for years. Because there is no Board for AMCs, the opportunity falls to me. At issue was the ubiquitous “client requirement” involving digital masking of people from images. While lenders and AMCs wave the Fair Housing penalty...

Desirable - banned Fannie Mae words 8

Desirable, Rite or Rong?

Desirable, banned or permitted? I was caught up in a minor ‘dispute’ last week when a review appraiser wacked my knuckles when I described a ‘neighborhood’ as being “Desirable.” My original message was re-distributed on various forums and I’ve tried to read all comments to see how I might learn from this episode. Lots of appraisers offered their input. Some supportive and positive, some cautionary, and some who believe much of what we have to deal with is pretty trivial. “Banned words” were originally identified in the Fair Housing Act law many years ago (not the EEOC law as I...


Black Cat Causes Fair Housing Issue with AMC

An appraiser was required by an AMC to edit/crop the photos in an appraisal report because of a black cat. The AMC claimed that the black cat violated fair housing act. This was the response of the AMC in regard to the cat: “Please be advised that the following issues were found: a cat appears in the rear open patio photo and the landscaping photo. Please edit or crop this photo accordingly, as this is a fair lending issue for the client.” Fast forward the video below to 1 minute:

Sanitizing appraisal images 1

Picture This! If You Dare!

Images of personal items and people must go! Crime and Punishment The appraiser who took the interior image below is currently serving a ten year sentence in the Fair Housing Maximum Security Prison outside of Atlanta. The charges ranged from willful imaging of stockings hung with care to wanton display of a nutcracker and malicious showcasing of Micky and Minnie without their written consent. Actually, the image below was taken by yours truly about a decade ago and somehow survived the underwriting process. The mythology of what constitutes a Fair Housing violation continues to vex this profession like some movie...

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