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Limbo Anyone? How Low Will Clarocity Stock Go? 10

Limbo Anyone? How Low Will it Go?

No, I am not really going to talk about a Limbo game. I am referring to the stock of a company promoting hybrid appraisals across the country. Representatives of this company are at every industry meeting, promoting their products, often times invited to speak. You are probably sick of hearing about hybrid appraisals by now and honestly, so am I. So I will keep any verbiage about hybrids in the context of reference only and try not to bash them too much. If you are regular reader of Appraisersblogs, you probably have seen many articles about Clarocity Corporation. A quick...

AMC Business Model is Based on Lies That Hurt The Consumer 36

The Reality

There is no shortage of appraisers, only appraisers willing to work for Appraisal Management Companies, but there will be a shortage if the current toxic business climate does not change. The AMC business model is based on lies that hurt the consumer and your constituents. There are many voices that have agendas to reduce the qualifications to become a Real Estate appraiser, whether it be a Licensed Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser or a Certified General Appraiser. There are also voices that would like the requirements of an appraisal by a person licensed by the state to be waived as there is a...


Another AppraiserLoft?

If you do work for Clarocity Valuation Services, you definitely should pay attention… Simple Wall St reports: “Clarocity has limited growth and a worrying balance sheet” On November 26, 2017 VaCAP shared an issue with one of our members not receiving communication from Clarocity Valuation Services concerning past due invoices. Due to our research and public sharing, our member was paid. During that time, VaCAP learned some things about Clarocity and we continued to follow the company. We are not going to tell anyone who to do business with or how to operate their business, but we ask that the analytic...

Residential Appraiser Abandoned & Neglected by the Appraisal Institute 111

AI Ignored the Residential Appraiser

AI all but abandoned the residential appraiser… I have been a member of the Appraisal Institute (AI) for many years and the organization has always been tilted toward the Certified General Appraiser. I am Certified General and recognized this long ago. I think the education of the AI is the best with no comparison for both residential and commercial and their publications are second to none. The AI has long neglected the residential appraisers as they sent in their $300 per year. The AI completely dropped the ball starting in 2007 when the crash began. The Appraisal Management Company (AMC)...

AMC Vendor Agreement Controversies - Bad, Worst & Ugly AMCs 36

Vendor Agreement Controversies & Worst AMCs

AMC Vendor Agreement Controversies – Bad, Worst & Ugly AMCs And the winner is… According to a recent non-scientific survey conducted by AppraiserNews, the World’s Worst AMC Alive is Clear Capital. Honorable Mention goes to Coester VMS and Streetlinks. And the Worst Vampire AMC title goes to AppraiserLoft which is no longer operational. Excerpt: We’d also like to note the passion with which appraisers made their votes, describing the many ways that these AMCs deserved their titles! One final remark: It is sad that so many appraisers still hesitate to go public with their comments about AMCs, (justifiably) fearing that...

USPAP violations 3

AppraiserLoft Fined for Failure to Pay Appraisers

AppraiserLoft Fined $855,000 for Failing to Pay Arizona Appraisers A Phoenix judge fined the defunct appraisal management company AppraiserLoft $855,000 for failing to pay Arizona appraisers at least 171 times within the past 18 months, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported June 12. The San Diego-based AppraiserLoft has been the subject of numerous non-payment and late-payment claims from appraisers, former employees, advertisers and other parties before shutting its doors in October. The AMC allegedly owes more than $3 million in property valuation invoices. In the Arizona case, administrative law judge Diane Mihalsky found that the AMC failed to pay Arizona appraisers...

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